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Brave Red Lip Kit

Brave Red Lip Kit

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Introducing the brand new BRAVE RED Lip Kit!

Lip kit includes - Brave Red Lipliner / Brave Red Lipstick / Brave Red Gloss

Lipliner: We have created the perfect pencil lipliner with a creamy texture that is super pigmented on the lips, but very comfortable on the lips. Our pencils are super sharp that they make it extremely easy to create your perfect lip shade. Brave Red - A perfect Cherry Red lipliner that creates the perfect red lipliner to pair with a beautiful red lipstick

Lipstick: Introducing our Velvet Matte Liquid Lipsticks! A stunning easy to wear formula that lasts all day. Comfortable on the lips and not dry with a 24 hour wear! We have created the perfect shades for you lip wardrobe.

Lipgloss: We have created our Buttery Lipglosses to be one of a kind. Our lipglosses are super pigmented in colour, they have a high gloss ultra shine, plumping effect, hydrating on the lips and super comfortable on the lips. Brave Red: A super pigmented red gloss that is super glossy and shiny



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